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There are no champions at Milan anymore

Philippe Mexes speaks candidly about the difference from when he arrived

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

During Milan's recent Google Takeover with Philippe Mexes and Jeremy Menez, the French defender was honest about the change at Milan. Answering prompts from fans on social media, Mexes stated:

"This is my fourth season at Milan, and when I arrived there were many champions, After that there was a big change. I had the pleasure of playing with some very good players. The change happened, but now we have to do our best to get back up [to where we were before]."

The defender is not wrong. While he isn't the best avenue for these comments, they are honest. Milan were once a club that boasted names that were known and respected not only in Italy but throughout the world. It is still the second most successful club in Europe.

These are times of change. The club is strapped for cash and Italian football is suffering. And though those things are true, the club still has the talent to compete on several fronts, but for one reason or the other, Milan has failed miserably.

Mexes also spoke about the ambition for the last few games: "We have to try and do well in the next 10 games to reach the Europa League. We know it's difficult, but we're representing Milan, and it's a big responsibility to wear this shirt."