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Could Van Ginkel be the future of AC Milan midfield?

His loan deal is expiring at the end of June, but Adriano Galliani is thinking to extend this deal.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Language alert: all mentioned sources are Italian sources, so you'll need a little effort to read the articles.

It's the national teams week so there's a lot of time to talk about transfer market: talks, new deals, news and rumors. Yesterday a lot of specialised websites talked about the possibility to see Marco Van Ginkel - my beloved Marco Van Ginkel - in red&black even next year.

We all know that the midfielder is on loan until the end of June, but Mourinho recently told they won't need him anymore (he said the same things about Cech and Felipe Luis) so Galliani is thinking about asking Chelsea to extend the loan deal to the next year too. He's expensive (his € 1.5m per year contract is one of the highest in the team) and AC Milan finances can't spend more than that to keep him so the extension of the current deal is the only realistic option. If you think that Chelsea paid about € 9m to Vitesse to acquire him you'll agree with that reasoning.

It has been a difficult year so far for him because of injuries, but recently Pippo has been giving him his chances to play and show his skills and he's played well in the last few games. Numbers never lie: in his 7 appearances so far Van Ginkel has 85.5% passing accuracy over nearly 30 passes per game and a lot of interceptions and successful tackles. He's not known for his playmaking or offensive abilities (he has only 0.5 shots per game) but he's good at supporting the maneuver and he's always in the right position at the right time. Even though he's still very young (he's going to be 23 years old in 2015) he's a smart player and knows how to take advantage of his great size advantage in his role and where to go on on the field. So if he's able to stay healthy he's a good player!

Why are we still here talking about a young guy who played 7 games this season?

Because he'll probably be the future of AC Milan midfield. Next year we'll participate to the real "rebuilding" process of the team, hopefully starting from the management, and we'll see the departure of Nigel De Jong, Essien, Muntari, Mexes and other players. Talking about the midfield, if these players are really going to leave Milan, we'll only have Montolivo, Poli, Bonaventura and Suso - who scored two goals in yesterday's friendly match against AC Reggiana - on the roster and Van Ginkel would probably be the easiest addition to make in this transfer market.