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Milan Ultras demand meeting with Berlusconi

Things are heating up!

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

You may have noticed during Saturday's 3-1 win over Cagliari that the stands were pretty empty. Images of it were spread all over the internet. It's the result of the Curva Sud's protest against the team and its direction.

The next step of their protest? The group is demanding a private meeting with either Silvio Berlusconi or Barbara:

""We sent a message and expect a response. We want a reply before Milan-Sampdoria or the protests will not stop."

The group is especially angry with Adriano Galliani which we've talked about earlier this season. The Ultras released a letter to the club that detailed everything that they disagreed with and who they blamed for all of these transgressions. While they extended support to Pippo Inzaghi and weren't too hard on the players, they had no such support for Galliani.

The barbs for the CEO were plentiful and sharp: from his transfer policy to the numerous indications from Galliani that the team was strong enough to challenge for European spots. They kindly asked for him to be removed.