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Is AC Milan afraid of winning?

21 points wasted during the season and 15 only in 2015: isn't it enough?

Pippo showing the path for the loss.
Pippo showing the path for the loss.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images
We've already talked about AC Milan wasting points from leading situations in the post after Monday night game, but we've not analysed this trend so far.
As you can read in this tweet by the official "stats keeper" of the Italian Serie A, AC Milan wasted a lot of good opportunities during this season and especially in 2015. If you look at this year's results, you'll see a lot of alarming draws and even some "absurd" loss. To be clear, we make a list of all these results:

Wasting points in 2014 (-6)
  • Oct 26: Fiorentina 1 - 1 Milan (-2)
  • Nov 8: Sampdoria 2 - 2 Milan (-2)
  • Nov 23: Milan 1 - 1 Inter (-2)
Wasting points in 2015 (-15)
  • Jan 6: Milan 1 - 2 Sassuolo (-3)
  • Jan 10: Torino 1 - 1 Milan (-2)
  • Jan 24: Lazio 3 - 1 Milan (-3)
  • Feb 15: Milan 1 - 1 Empoli (-2)
  • Mar 7: Milan 2 - 2 Hellas Verona (-2)
  • Mar 16 Fiorentina 2 - 1 Milan (-3)
21 total wasted points this season with 15 only in 2015, that's not how you try to reach an Europa League spot. Making some easy calculus and assuming that AC Milan won all these games, we'll be at 2nd place only behind Juventus (8 points behind them) and 6 points above AS Roma. That's a "funny" mathematical game just to make you feel better about that (sarcasm alert).

However, the worst thing about this trend is how we waste that amount of points. So, for that reason we're considering the match against Hellas Verona as an example. AC Milan played a decent first half succeeding at tying the game before the half time whistle - with another penalty by Menez - and then scoring the go-ahead goal just after the beginning of the second half. It would have been great if the game had ended after Tachtsidis' own goal, but that's not possible, so we saw the classic "control of the match" tactic by AC Milan made by slow ball possession, low defense and long - and wrong - passes for the forwards. This " tactical deathly mix" together with a big lack of personality (we don't have a true captain in our roster) caused the late equalizer by Nico Lopez and, generalizing, all those bad results we mentioned before.