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Sulley Muntari is on his way to MLS

The dream of seeing Muntari leave might come true

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Sky Sports Italia is reporting that Muntari might be on his way to the United States.

The midfielder has one more year on his contract and though it was entertained that he would extend, it seems more likely that him and the club will go their separate ways. His destination? The new expansion that that twill compete in Major League Soccer in 2016-2017 Los Angeles F.C. The team will surely look to Europe for stars on their last legs and no one is more on his last than Sulley Munatri.

There are also reports that former Milan star Kevin-Prince Boateng could be on his way to the United States as well. Only difference is that KPB is actually still good, or relatively good and even had moments of brilliance for Milan --hi Barcelona!-- unlike the man Muntari.

For everyone, it would be awesome if he just left this summer instead. I'm personally willing to drive him to the airport and provide whatever he needs for the flight, out of the kindness of my own heart.