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Mino Raiola would buy Milan at the right price

The talkative super-agent is expressing interest in ownership

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Among interests from numerous circles to purchase AC Milan from Silvio Berlusconi, Mino Raiola is adding his name in the pool. The agent, not least known for his provocative nature, has stated that he would purchase Milan, but only at the right price.

"I'll buy them, but they would have to sell at the right price," he said. "I've got the funds, and I would also know who to call as a partner. I'm not kidding. I would do it just to change the system of Italian football."

The tricky part of course is determining what the right price is. And while Raiola may be serious with his interest, there's little chance that Silvio or Adriano Galliani would sanction to him. Especially as he always seems to hit out at Barbara Berlusconi, who holds equal standing at the club. The process of selling the club would have to go through Barbara, who seems to hate Raiola's guts, so there's little to no hope there.

He also expressed interest in purchasing Napoli, and once made an unsuccessful bid to buy Roma not long ago. It seems that either his offers are too low, or everyone in Italian football generally hates him.