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Paletta: Milan are united

The newcomer assures the fans that the team is working to turn the situation around

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Gabriel Paletta, who had probably one of the worst birthdays in recent memory, recently spoke to Milan Channel about the current crisis. The newcomer went on to state that the team is not only united but are working hard to change the outlook of the near future.

His quotes:

"We have to start with enthusiasm and the desire to improve from the recent matches. I get on well with the lads, some of them I already knew. I am getting to know everyone and especially the defenders. The players I know I have helped me get to know the players I already knew. That has helped in the early days and I think we have a good group and hopefully we will turn the situation around. We all have to give a little more starting from the next match which will be a good game. Hopefully we will have that attitude and desire we had in previous games and put even more in. We are ready and we are an united group."