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Juventus - Milan: where nostalgia happens

We're waiting for the "big" match tomorrow so why don't we take a look at the past when we used to win?

Old but gold: Zambrotta vs Shevchenko
Old but gold: Zambrotta vs Shevchenko
Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images

Juventus - Milan will never be a normal game and even if we're in a difficult situation that game has something special. If you need a reason to explain why it is a special game I'll give you what you were looking for:

Old Trafford, May 28th 2003, UEFA Champions League Final. This is one of the most important games they've ever played against - and probably one of the ugliest games I've ever seen in the regulation - and it ended quite well for AC Milan winning their 6th European title.

Now, we turn back the clock until March 26th 2000 with a Milan-Juventus at San Siro.

It's strange to see Pippo Inzaghi in a white and black uniform and Carletto Ancelotti on their bench if you think about what they did for AC Milan during their careers and what they still mean for us, but that's not the focus of the video. Look at that "vintage" Andriy Shevchenko with a 2-goal performance against Juventus! That was his first Italian season and he scored 24 goals in Serie A winning the top-scorer title.

Good moments and bad moments. Here it is one of the worst loss against Juventus on April 6th 1997 and probably one of the worst ever for AC Milan.

AC Milan finished 11th in 1996-1997 season so that's pretty similar with the actual situation, but that team had phenomenal players like Dejan Savicevic - we used to call him "Il Genio" for his brilliant and unpredictable plays - and Zvonimir Boban not only a group of "good" players.

We make a step forward to the 2005-2006 season, one of the darkest season for our Serie A due to the "Calciopoli" scandal. It all ended with a 30 points penalization for AC Milan - from 2nd to 3rd in Serie A after all - and the relegation to Serie B for Juventus.

Seedorf, Kakà and Pirlo, three of the most representative players of that dynasty, scored in that game. That's a very nostalgic video, I miss those players.

Now we look at what happened in 2013. Yeah, you all remember well the Sulley Muntari "goal".

Probably one of the best games we played in the last years against Juventus, but still a bad result for us. Oh, look at that red card to Philippe Mexes, isn't it familiar?

This is a game with a great history and tradition, a game played by the greatest players in the world a special game, as I said before. Tomorrow it won't be different and it will be a key game for us since we're going through a difficult moment.