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Inzaghi will stay despite results

Adriano Galliani has backed the manager to see out his contract

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

At the unveiling of Casa Milan, the Vice President reassured fans that regardless of the results for this year, Inzaghi will not be sacked.

"The president [Silvio Berlusconi] said that he [Inzaghi] will stay and pick up experience...none of us have ever said that he [Inzaghi] won't remain in his post."

More than that, he suggests that Pippo will even be the manager next season, even if the team fails to qualify for Europe.

Inzaghi's position is not under discussion, in fact he has a contract for next year.

There's no ultimatum that says we have to finish in Europe and anything else isn't good enough.

No, we will go forwards together.

He then went to talk about the current failings this season and more importantly, he seemed to suggest that third place is not really a priority.

We have a very strong squad.

We win points against the big teams but then lose against the small ones and injuries have had their impact.

Every time we have spoken about getting third place we have failed to do so, therefore it is better for me to listen to [Basketball coach] Dan Peterson who sends me messages saying we need to put our heads down and keep peddling.

There is no compulsory objective that Milan have to reach and therefore there is not one for Inzaghi either.

This comes off as very disappointing, seeing as he also says that we have a very strong squad. With the new additions, there's not too many excuses that can stand against not only our current form but the embarrassment if we fail to qualify for Europe. This isn't the old Milan but we have enough quality to not be lingering in mid-table.

Reports were flying the last few months, especially after the Coppa exit that Inzaghi would be sacked but this has sealed that he will lead Milan for the near future. It's a divisive decision, as legendary as Pippo is as a player, his managing potential hasn't really shone through. Maybe he will gain the experience needed and next year will be spectacular, but as of right now, we're suffering.