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Muntari plans to stay at Milan

So that's pretty exciting right? No, no it's not

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

The opinion on Sulley Muntari is divided between those who want to launch him into the moon and those who would ecstatically drive him to the airport if he left. With that being the way that it is, the Ghanaian midfielder has moved to douse the optimism of anyone who thought he would leave. In a recent interview, Muntari assured that he plans to stay with Milan next year:

"I'm happy in Milan and I will stay here for another season .Being in the team's official line-up is my first aim for now and I will do my best to recuperate my performance and to convince my coach that I deserve a permanent place in the team."

Muntari will be 31 by the start of the next season. He's not good, that's not a debate. His place was supposed to be given to the now departed Riccardo Saponara or any other promising youngster honestly. But unless management comes to their senses, it looks like we will have anther year of giving away possession under no pressure and slow passing.