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Official: Paletta moves to Milan

Milan have announced the transfer.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Not only did we beat Parma last night but apparently we're taking players from them as well. Insult to injury.


Gabriel Paletta is a four-time capped Italian national who has played over 100 games for Parma in the last five years. He's pretty gigantic at 6'3 and was a participant during the 2014 World Cup, starting the game against England. Parma isn't having the greatest of years this term and after not paying their players for the last seven months, an exodus has started. Paletta among others made it clear that they would find other teams, Milan seemed to have been in the right place at the perfect time.

The Italian is sure to help out an ailing defense that is somewhere between unsure and bizarre. Adil Rami is great and Phillippe Mexes has the capacity to be good as well when he's not losing his mind. Cristian Zapata is injured for the long term and Alex is honestly past it. Paletta ,ight find himself starting sooner than later.