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Luca Antonelli signs!

The fullback has made his switch official

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Well, this is surely to make Monday a little less depressing:

Perfect way to start the week, winning he first game of 2015 and signing a much needed addition to the team. Luca is sure to help what has been an ailing defense, especially in the absence of Mattia de Sciglio. Even with the return of Mattia, Luca can be the starter as the younger gains more experience and strengthens his body. Hopefully it does not mean an abandonment of the talented youngster.

Also, the deal seems to have went through without having to swap Pablo Armero, who still looks destined to leave. His time at Milan looked promising but has been unsuccessful so far.

Regardless, Luca is here and Monday is less awful. That's cause enough for celebration.