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Thai Investor Bids for AC Milan

The reports are back

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Not for the first time, reports in Thailand are saying that Bee Taechaubol has bid for 50% stake of AC Milan. He's not the first investor to have tried to purchase the club, Silvio Berlusconi has refused many suitors in the last few years.

This time, the reports are saying that he's bidding €1 billion to take over a majority stake in the club. This deal was initially reported to be finalized this month but then in quick succession, it was said that the President has turned down the offer.

It's no secret that Silvio has no interest of selling the club, though he has become less involved over the years. With his own political career in the swamps, he has too much on his hands to be too involved. He does come out every now and then to say that he wouldn't trade this Milan squad for anyone and that he believes in them. Sometimes he even gives pre-game speeches and such.

This will be interesting to watch. The reports have been persistent and there seems to be a very real possibility that the club may be changing ownership for the first time in a long time.