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Happy Valentine's Day!

Trovommi Amor del tutto disarmato

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

So it's Valentine's day, the day of love and gifts and hastily made excuses about how it's the thought that counts because one couldn't necessarily buy said gifts. It's a wonderful occasion.

Since it is indeed a day of love, it brought of the subject of Milan, since supporting the club is more of a love affair than regular fandom Even if your lover is in tatters as of right now. Anyways, I thought it's appropriate to discuss the players that we do love, players that made you fall in love with the game or club. They don't even have to be great players, as I'm sure that we all have our guilty pleasures --Pato for me.

Now, it;s no secret that I think Paolo Maldini is a divine figure, and Kaka himself as an angel. I don't think Maldini's quality and representation as all good things sweet of this world can be argued, neither can Kaka's. Not did I fall in love with their immense quality but their inner confidence, the love for the club and the calming assurance that everything will be OK, even when all evidence pointed to the opposite is something that I had heart eyes for. Plus, they're just pretty.

Others include Marco Van Basten, Ruud is an amazing human to me, who I still follow till this day, and let's never forget that Andriy Shevchenko is the definition of flawless. Of course's there was this era of beautiful men:

In the current team, I have to admit that I have an affinity for Jeremy Menez. I've been a fan of his for a long time, especially for his brutally honest attitude and his unimpressed faces. Plus he's scored some absolutely ridiculous goals so far, even if some didn't count: