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Robinho is still a thing?

Apparently the club hasn't responded to offers for the dribbler

Heuler Andrey/Getty Images

So, Milan are still kind of not responding to offers that Santos has made for Robinho.

I mean, I guess this is a thing. I'm not even sure what's going on here.

The player wants to stay at Santos, the Brazilian club has mad e a few offers to Milan for the player but Milan are "deliberating" the offers supposedly.

Look, I liked Robinho as much as the next person --he was fun, even if he wasn't too effective and was much more creative than many in the team-- but goodness, cut the cord. He wasn't happy in Italy and since his Manchester City days, he had been pining to return to Brazil. He's enjoying himself there and the club wants him. There's nothing left for him in Italy.

From the player himself:

I want to stay here and the club wants the same thing,
The directors have discussed this with my father and understand my desires perfectly

The current team is full of wingers and "creative" players, Robinho is surplus to the surplus. The money shouldn't even be a problem, his price is understandably at an all time low, cut the losses and move on.