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Luca Antonelli to Miss Carpi Match, Davide Calabria Could Start

The young Italian fullback could get another chance after impressing early on.

Luca Antonelli will miss Sunday's match against Carpi.
Luca Antonelli will miss Sunday's match against Carpi.
Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

AC Milan will be without one of its top-performing players when it faces Carpi for the first time ever Sunday.

Luca Antonelli picked up a knock in training this week following Milan's Coppa Italia victory over Crotone. The 28 year old injured the adductor muscle in his left thigh, according to Milan's official website.

Antonelli's injury will be reassessed next week, but for now, it looks like Davide Calabria could return to the starting lineup.

Calabria, the 18-year-old Italian featured earlier this season, when Antonelli and Ignazio Abate were both injured. The youngster impressed in his few chances, providing an assist as one of his first actions.

Abate could be in consideration for a start, but the veteran has been in poor form when not injured. Against a weak opponent like Carpi, which is three points off the bottom of the Serie A table, giving Calabria a run could be beneficial.

Regardless of who plays—Calabria or Abate—it is more likely than not Mattia De Sciglio will move to left back, as both Calabria and Abate are better on the right.

Antonelli's injury makes for six injured Milan players now. Jeremy Menez, Mario Balotelli, Andrea Bertolacci, Rodrigo Ely and Diego Lopez were already out.