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Bee Taechaubol And Berlusconi Are Likely To Finalize The Deal In 2016

Initially, the deal was supposed to be finalized before the end of 2015, but Italian bureaucracy and Mr. Bee's financial group are slowing down the process.

Charles Pertwee/Getty Images

Negotiations between Fininvest, Silvio Berlusconi's financial group and official owner of AC Milan, and Bee Taechaubol, are likely to come to an end at the beginning of 2016 with the finalization of the deal, according to various sources. The deadline was initially set for the week before Christmas, but both the Thai investor and Berlusconi need more time to ready themselves for the final transaction.

For that reason, Milan is highly unlikely to have the additional financial resources they expected for the January transfer window. Any big moves in the mercato are therefore improbable, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing for the club. The sale of a 48 percent stake in Milan for 480 million euros is part of a bigger plan, one that involves the rebuilding of the club, so there's no need to rush thingsnow, especially during the middle of the season when it's difficult to considerably improve the team. The Rossoneri will not sign Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar in January, and may even miss out on one of their primary targets, Axel Witsel, but high-calibre players will come to Milan in the future. It's only a matter of time. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day...and the new Milan will not be, either.

The fact that the scenario is couched in calmness and optimism, contrary to the negativity of a couple of months ago, should encourage Milanisti that things are moving in the right direction. As soon as Mr. Bee and Berlusconi finalize the deal, Milan's Rinascente will begin, and Milan will be be able to contend for significant silverware once more.