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Stephen El Shaarawy Scores Awesome Goal, Sadly Not For Milan

Remember when Il Faraone scored goals like this for Milan?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Former Milan man Stephen El Shaarawy scored an absolute beauty of a goal for Monaco in Europa League action today in what was otherwise a match to forget for the French side (they lost 4-1 and were eliminated from European competition). Feast your eyes:

A video posted by Michele Pasquali (@m_pasquali) on

El Shaarawy, you may recall, was shipped off to Monaco at the start of the season by virtue of what was quite possibly the worst idea ever.  It's not as if Milan's offense isn't struggling to generate chances because they lack creativity, or anything. Nah, Milan couldn't possibly have used a player with El Shaarawy's flair this season.