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Pirlo Among 9 Stars Who Played for Milan, Inter and Juventus

A lot of stars have represented the three big rivals and Italian giants.

Roberto Baggio played in 67 matches for Milan, scoring 19 goals.
Roberto Baggio played in 67 matches for Milan, scoring 19 goals.
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Rumors of Andrea Pirlo's possible loan move back to Inter has brought up some mixed feelings from Milan fans. While some still miss seeing Pirlo in red and black, his move to Juventus and the bitter breakup with the Rossoneri left a bad taste in many fans' mouths.

Pirlo is one of 41 players who has play for both Milan and Inter. With his move to Juventus after leaving Milan, Pirlo became the ninth member of an even more elite class of footballers. Only nine players have represented Milan, Inter and fellow Italian giant Juventus.

Below is a look at all nine players to wear all three famous kits. Many of the players listed are or were prominent players.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Juventus 2004-06; Inter 2006-09; Milan 2010-12): Ibrahimovic has played for a lot of big clubs in his day, but he found a lot of success among Italy's three giants. Italy is where Ibrahimovic's famous run of domestic league titles picked up steam. The streak started with his final season in the Eredivisie. But after joining Juventus in 2005, he won the Scudetto five years in a row with Juventus and Inter. Obviously, the Juventus titles have been stripped, but he still won during those seasons. After returning to Italy from Barcelona, he won the Scudetto with Milan in 2011. That was the final domestic title of the streak.
  • Andrea Pirlo (Inter 1998-2001; Milan 2001-11; Juventus 2011-15): Pirlo did not have a lot of success at Inter, appearing in only 22 matches over the course of three years, most of which was spent on loan. With Milan, he became an international star, winning the Champions League twice, white also famously helping Italy to the 2006 World Cup. At Juventus, he won the Scudetto four years in a row and was a catalyst for the Bianconeri as the they reached the 2015 Champions League Final.
  • Christian Vieri (Juventus 1996-97; 1999-2005; Milan 2005-06): Vieri is most known for his star years at Inter, where he played more than 150 matches in all competitions. However, he played 31 combined matches in Serie A with Milan and Juventus.
  • Edgar Davids (Milan 1996-97; Juventus 1997-2004; Inter 2004-05): Who was not a fan of that hair and those goggles? After several successful years with Ajax, Davids spent one year at Milan before moving on to Juventus, where he became a Serie A star. After his final year at Juventus, he played 14 matches for Inter in Serie A during the 2004-05 season.
  • Patrick Viera (Milan 1995-96; Juventus 2005-06; Inter 2006-10): Viera only played two matches for Milan, but that qualifies him for this list. Combined between the three clubs, he still did not make as many Serie A appearances as he did with Arsenal. He played 406 matches for Arsenal, compared to 138 in Italy.
  • Roberto Baggio (Juventus 1990-95; Milan 1995-97; Inter 1998-2000): Baggio and his awesome hair spent most of their career at Juventus and Fiorentina. He still managed to play two seasons each for the Milan clubs. He scored 115 goals in 200 matches for Juventus and kept high scoring rates at Milan and Inter, as well.
  • Aldo Serena (Inter 1978-79, 81-82, 83-84, 87-91; Milan 1982-83, 1991-93; Juventus 1985-87): Aldo Serena really liked playing for Inter, didn't he?
  • Enrico Candiani (Inter 1937-46; Juventus 1946-47; Milan 1949-50): After nearly a decade of service with Inter, which included a Scudetto and a Coppa Italia victory, Candiani ended up playing for Milan and Juventus near the end of his career.
  • Giuseppe Meazza (Inter 1927-40, 46-47; Milan 1940-42; Juventus 1942-43): The San Siro is officially named the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, and rightfully so. Meazza is a legend of the early years of Italian football. After a long run with Inter, he played a couple years with Milan and one with Juventus.