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Would Milan Fans Be Able to Handle Andrea Pirlo Back in an Inter Jersey?

"I'd do anything to have you here again." (Here being the Milan locker room at the San Siro, not Inter's.)

This was emotional enough. Does anyone really think Milan fans can handle seeing Pirlo in blue and black?
This was emotional enough. Does anyone really think Milan fans can handle seeing Pirlo in blue and black?
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It was bad enough watching Andrea Pirlo leave Milan after a decade of success to win trophies with Juventus. It sounds like the pain and suffering could actually get worse for Milan fans.

The 36-year-old Italian legend has been linked to a loan move back to the San Siro. The problem is the team reportedly receiving his services would be Inter, not Milan.

Before moving to Milan, Pirlo played 40 matches for Inter between 1998 and 2001. He spent long stretches of his time with Inter on loan at Brescia and Reggina.

Pirlo currently plays for New York City FC in Major League Soccer, where he is teammates with David Villa and Frank Lampard. Former Milan superstar Kaka plays in the league with Orlando City. Alessandro Nesta finished his career in MLS with the Montreal Impact after leaving Milan.

The loan would likely be brief. It is not uncommon for prominent European stars playing in MLS to return to Europe during the league's offseason to play on loan. David Beckham spent two stints at Milan on loan from Los Angeles Galaxy.

Milan and Inter play their second scheduled derby of the season Jan. 31. If the move happens, Pirlo would likely be in Inter's squad for the match.

Picture Pirlo wearing an Inter jersey again. Now go rinse your eyes. Sorry to put you through that.

Pirlo has refuted the rumors, saying he wants to rest up before preseason begins in late January. More big-name stars in MLS are starting to go that route. With the physical demands of the rapidly-improving league, this is a smart choice for aging players, regardless of their accolades.

But what if it happens? What if Pirlo actually goes to Inter? Haven't Milan fans been through enough?