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Diego Lopez Is Out Indefinitely With Tendonitis

Milan announced today that they will be without Diego Lopez indefinitely as he undergoes treatment for patellar tendonitis. Looks like the spotlight that's been shining on Gianluigi Donnaruma just got that much brighter.

Earlier today, Milan announced that they will be without the services of Diego Lopez between the sticks for an indeterminate amount of time as he undergoes treatment for patellar tendonitis. It was revealed today that Lopez has struggled for the past few months with patellar tendonitis in the left knee. Patellar tendinitis , also known as jumper's knee, is a relatively common cause of pain in the inferior patellar region (kneecap) in athletes, especially those who jump often.

Up until this point, Lopez has attempted to manage his condition with physiotherapy so as to be available for training and matches. Following a consultation with a specialist in Spain earlier today, however, the club's medical staff have determined that Lopez will have to take some time to follow a specific treatment plan. As of yet, there’s been indication as to when to expect his return.

It definitely seems suspect: Milan's starting goalkeeper is sidelined in three straight matches for a sixteen-year-old upstart, after which the club announces a seemingly protracted injury. However, the Spaniard took to his personal Facebook page to dispel the notion that the decision was a medical one that had nothing to do with him being dropped:

"During this time, I’ve done everything possible to be at my best. I’ve sacrificed each day despite the pain to be available to the club. Unfortunately the pain persists and I have no choice but to stop and begin specific treatment. This is the only solution to resolve the problem. I’d like to clarify that this decision was made by mutual agreement and has nothing to do with recent sporting dynamics, but is of a strictly medical nature."

With Lopez out indefinitely, the club will need to rely regularly on sixteen-year-old sensation Gianluigi Donnaruma. No pressure, literal kid.