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Bee Taechaubol Requests Another Extension for Investment in Milan

The Thai billionaire's investment into Milan has hit another snag, leading to more doubt over the potential move.

Bee Taechaubol's investment in Milan has hit another snag.
Bee Taechaubol's investment in Milan has hit another snag.
Charles Pertwee/Getty Images

Milan fans will need to keep waiting for the dream investment of Bee Taechaubol.

The Thai investor has asked for another extension to get the money needed for his investment into Milan. Mr. Bee wants until the end of the year, instead of the end of November.

After agreeing to take over 48 percent of the club in September, Mr. Bee was forced to delay the takeover until November in order to put together the necessary funds, about 450 million euros.

With the latest request for a delay, the dream looks like it may be starting to fade. Mr. Bee has been seen as a savior by Milan fans. His money and business plan, which includes heavy marketing activity in Asia, are supposed to help Milan get back to the pinnacle of European football.

Now doubt has been cast over the move. The original deal expires at the end of November, at which point Milan can pursue other financial options.