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Milan Midfielder Montolivo Trying to Impress Italy's Antonio Conte

Montolivo feels as if he has something to prove to Italy head coach and Juventus legend Antonio Conte.

Riccardo Montolivo has something to prove to Antonio Conte.
Riccardo Montolivo has something to prove to Antonio Conte.
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Even though Milan fans have been able to catch their breath after Milan's three victories and draw against Atlanta, players like Riccardo Montolivo have had no such time.

Montolivo has been busy playing with the Italian national team. Even though he is one of the veterans of the national team (behind Andrea Pirlo of course), he still feels a need to showcase his talent. In fact, during a press conference with the Italian national team Nov. 10, right after the team finished training, Montolivo exclaimed,  "(I'm) here to prove (myself) to Antonio Conte."

At one point in Montolivo's national career, he felt as if he had showed his worth and was an important asset for the team. During Euro 2012, Montolivo had a variety of convincing performances, like his match against England.

Injuries caught up with him, and he had to miss Italy's horrid performance in the 2014 World Cup. Because he has not played for the national team for such an extensive period of time, he feels like he has something to prove to the coach, and probably the fans too.

Montolivo continued, "(The 2014 World Cup is) in the past. We are not the favorites to win the UEFA Euro 2016, but this team has been growing constantly under manager Conte. Pirlo has everything you could want in a footballer - he is a legend of the game and it's difficult to imagine our team without him.

"Having said that, I think I can add something to this squad and play my part. There are several quality midfielders in our squad (and) we all have the same goal, and we will all try to impress our manager. I have been out injured for a while, I will try to catch up on lost time and be at Conte's disposal."

Montolivo did not feature in Italy's 3-1 loss to Belgium Friday. Italy faces Romania Tuesday night.