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Match Recap: Milan's Form Goes From Bad to Worse in 4-0 Loss to Napoli

The first half was bad. The second half was even worse. Milan got wrecked by a better, faster and smarter Napoli squad.

Lorenzo Insigne led Napoli's dominating attack against Milan Sunday.
Lorenzo Insigne led Napoli's dominating attack against Milan Sunday.
Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

There is not a whole lot to say about Milan's performance Sunday afternoon at the San Siro.

It was embarrassing.

It was nauseating.

It was, far and away, Milan's worst match of the season.

Napoli is starting to find its way under Maurizio Sarri. It demonstrated its ability in a 4-0 romping of the Rossoneri Sunday.

Milan looked decent in the first 10 minutes of the match, moving forward into the attacking third and looking likely to break through eventually. But after a couple near chances, Napoli got forward, and Allan blasted a shot past Diego Lopez to give the visitors a 1-0 lead.

With that, one of Milan's biggest flaws presented itself. It is completely incapable of playing from behind. Once Napoli took the lead, Milan had no chance of getting back into the match. The attacks began to dwindle, and the midfield began to turn the ball over, leaving the defense exposed to the Napoli counterattack.

That counterattack struck three times in the second half, as Lorenzo Insigne led a relentless attack of Milan's depleted defense. Without Alessio Romagnoli, Milan had to turn to the combination of Rodrigo Ely and Cristian Zapata, which did not work at all. Zapata was caught out time after time, and Ely may have been fortunate to survive 90 minutes. He pairs better with Romagnoli – both center backs do, actually. Having the young signing from Roma back after the international break will be a blessing.

As for the attack, well, Giacomo Bonaventura looks to be the best option at trequartista right now. He had a couple good runs Sunday, but he was far from inspiring. Within the first 10 minutes, he had a look at goal, but he opted for the pass instead. He should have had a go.

He did not have much to work with, either. Carlos Bacca and Luiz Adriano were virtually nonexistent. The midfielders are not helping much in the attack, but when Bacca and Adriano get the ball, it is wasted.

There is not much to say beyond the generic "Milan was bad at every position." Sunday was awful, no other way to put it.

After the last international break, Milan came back and put in a few decent performances before everything hit the fan. With an extra week to recuperate before Torino, which is going to enter the match on the back of a loss to Carpi.