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Mario Balotelli Trolls Manchester United Fans On Instagram

The Manchester Derby is this weekend. Mario Balotelli trolled Manchester United fans on Instagram. They weren't happy about it.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Remember when Mario Balotelli played in the Premier League and wasn’t an abysmal failure? Think back to the time he did it in sky blue, between 2010 and 2013, which he spent at Manchester City. There were several memorable moments during Mario’s stint in Manchester. One of them was the brace he scored that time when Manchester City thrashed their cross-city rivals 6-1 in the 2011 edition of the Manchester Derby.

The Manchester Derby is this weekend, and while Super Mario may be miles away in Milan, he’s either still got a soft spot for his former club or just felt the need to troll Man Utd fans because he’s Mario Balotelli. Mario took to Instagram and gave Manchester United fans a timely reminder of that particular trouncing:

Who can forget this? #unforgettable #daretozlatan ✋

Though Mario is technically a Liverpool player at present, it would appear that his loyalties in merry old England lie on the blue side of Manchester. That, or he just got bored.