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Sinisa Mihajlovic is Acting Like Silvio Berlusconi's Puppet as Milan Struggles

Following Milan's draw with Torino, Milan's new manager made comments that should be considered unacceptable.

Sinisa Mihajlovic has made some questionable comments in recent weeks, as Milan continues to struggle. - Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Sinisa Mihajlovic has made some questionable comments in recent weeks, as Milan continues to struggle. - Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

After Napoli demolished Milan 4-0, Milan fans and players craved major improvements in their match against Torino. If Milan was playing Torino four or five years ago, anything short of a win would be highly criticized. Now, after multiple seasons (including this one) when defeat and ties have become the norm, it seems even Mihajlovic is not picking apart the reasons why Milan is not wining a tie against Torino can be considered a relatively good result.

Sinisa Mihajlovic has turned into a puppet for Berlusconi and is accepting everything he has to say.

Mihajlovic started off the press conference after Milan's 1-1 draw to Torino by saying, "It was not easy for us to come here on Saturday after two straight losses, but at a tough ground we played well. We dictated the play and the only disappointment was that we stopped playing for 10 minutes after taking the lead. We should have done better and anxiety set in."

Mihajlovic is trying to pretend like this was a hard game for Milan. Had Milan played against Torino yet this season? No. So why would the last couple results matter? Also, when Milan is worth 100 Million more euros than the opponent, it's not a problem they came off two losses and are playing against a team that is in form. On paper, Milan should beat Torino the way Napoli beat Milan.

Mihajlovic must not have taken note of the full 90 minutes. First off Milan did not dictate play, nor did it stop playing for just 10 minutes. It's more like Milan played for 10 minutes and managed to get a goal, then shut down. Milan had 55 percent of possession compared to Torino's 45. This is by no means a dominating performance. Milan also had eight shots, 75 percent of which were outside the 18-yard box. When six Milan's eight shots are outside the 18, Milan managing a goal inside the box is sheer luck. Eight shots is also a terrible number of shots for Milan, considering Milan had 12 shots against Napoli. The Rossoneri did not have higher quality chances, they just managed to finish the one time per game Milan has an opportunity.

Besides sugarcoating what is actually going on during games Mihajlovic needs to stop blaming anxiety or Milan's mental game for its horrid performances. Maybe one of their last couple games they lost because of a lack of focus, but to say the same comments week in and week out is just a way of ignoring the real problem that Milan is not playing well enough as a unit. The problem is with everyone in the club, not just the players. Milan midfielder Keisuke Honda describes this when he defended Milan players against Mihajlovic's remarks about their mental game. Milan's new manager defends himself by saying he was forced into some decisions by Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani. Mihajlovic should put his foot down and stop Berlusconi from controlling the team. Mihajlovic is the coach for a reason and watches the players everyday. He should be making the decisions on who plays and what formation he uses. Berlusconi is the owner of the team, noting else.