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Chi se? che fai? che vuoi?: An introduction

A proper greeting

Warren Little/Getty Images

"We are a team of devils. Our colours are red as fire, and black, to invoke fear in our opponents"

As recently announced, Gianfranco is leaving the blog for reasons that have already been explained. For the mean time, if only temporarily, I, Zito, will be in charge of the blog. As a fan, I've been watching Milan for as long as I can remember. I've seen and celebrated most of our modern successes and I've also cried while watching Kevin Constant attempt to defend, so both sides of the coin. My favorite players include the infallible Shevchenko, Maldini, Kaka, Nesta, Ambrosini...I could actually list every legend and current Milan player --minus Muntari-- since I seem to grow attached to all of them.

As a writer, I've done a lot of work for SBnation in general and it ranges from the very serious --racism, mental illness-- to the esoteric --Gerard Pique's demise written in the style of Redwall-- and the humorous. I've also written for a wide range of publications including A Football Report, Sabotage Times and Soccergods. I recently spent four hours on a beautiful Saturday morning writing a love letter in Italian to no one in particular but because I love the language and wanted to challenge myself.

As a person, I'm a footballer myself, a writer, a sleep deprived reader and idiot on Twitter. My favorite book is the Divine Comedy but I also once sprayed an axe bottle into my eye and thought I had gone blind.

The goal here is to try to make the blog more active, engaging and essentially, more fun. Though I seem to be all over the place writing-wise, the plan is to make sure that there's a few posts a day and some features during the week. You guys can look forward to exhilarating match reactions as well as articles titled "is Jeremy Menez better than Charles de Gualle?".

I am working on bringing in more contributors to the blog to make sure the goal of more activity is reached. If anyone is interested, just email me with your details and writing samples at I'm already in contact with a few excellent writers who should be introduced in the next few days but I'm always open to new additions.