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Per me si va nella citta dolente: The state of AC Milan

E io: 'Maestro, che e tanto greve a lor, che lamentar li fa si forte?

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

I was to write the match report on the loss to Lazio but I believe that this is more apt.

A quick summary of the game: We played better than the previous one but yet lacked any real identity in the match. The result seemed like it was always Lazio's and that itself is a sickening revelation. Abbiati played well, even rushing out to save the defense's blushes a few times. Albertazzi, who is supposed to be the future was awful in this match. He conceded the penalty that lost the game but numerous times he was out-fought, out-thought and just generally out-played by his opposition.

Abate attacked well, though he had an odd moment of almost gifting a goal with a suicidal back-pass.Alex was turned inside out by old man Klose to an embarrassing degree. Rami did well, though he was the one responsible for putting Albertazzi in trouble for the penalty. Menez was Menez; he's always our best attacking option but he does drift out of the game and loses the ball frequently when he tries creating too much on his own. And seeing as how our creative players are dwindling, it happens more often.

Montolivo was easily our best player. He worked like a machine in midfield and saved a sure goal from Parolo. The midfield is a bit more stable with him in it. Cerci couldn't have been faulted for lack of effort but he generally was marshaled well. Muntari needs to go already. Poli was trying but lost many battles in the middle, whether that's a fault of his or just being weaker than Lazio's midfielders is up for debate. Pazzo was trying and pressuring Lazio, just had no one to pass him the ball.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's move forward to the important things.

Milan are in a state of chaos. The question is which direction do we want to go. The youth movement that was highly touted and used as an excuse for present sufferings seems nothing more than a lie at this point. The youth players are sold off or not given a chance while we continue to play and pay players that have been awful or past it. There would be few complaints if the club announced that we would suffer as the youth are blooded in and developed. Yet, when it came time to hand chances to those players, who obviously have the potential for greatness, they were shirked and discarded.

Another question is, are we actually, honestly trying to challenge for a European spot? If so, and I believe that we are, then it has been an abject failure. The situation may change in the next few weeks but Milan has fallen into a downward spiral that was evident from the beginning of the season. The draws and close wins would ultimately turn to losses when players tired and the luck ran out. We weren't going to face Parma all season.

Is Inzaghi going to be our manager going forward? There have been countless reports stating that he will lose his job soon due to the nature of the performances so far, and they have not been without reason. The question is though, is this the man that the powers that be have decided will be the leader for years to come? Silvio of course loves him and he seems to have a good rapport with the squad, but friendship and likability does not translate to managerial intelligence, nor do they turn into wins.

Pippo has been at a loss all season. He can easily motivate the team and convince them to play for him, but when there's no clear idea of how to actually play, you end up with players running around without a clue. Clarence Seedorf was given the short end of the stick to bring in Pippo when he was honestly doing well and it would be shameful now to keep changing managers so quickly. If he is who they want to lead Milan into the new age, then we will have to give him the time to learn on the job, something he has pleaded for:

We have to start again, because of course we have not done what we wanted to. I am not looking for excuses and I don't want to compare myself to him, but Sir Alex Ferguson won his first title after seven years in charge at Manchester United.

The only problem is that time is of the essence here. The fans are staying home from the games, the performances are getting poorer and we're drifting more into a relegation fight than a challenge for Europe.

Also, Adriano Galliani. The consensus seems to be that the old man is past it. Though he has managed to get Suso to the team as well as Destro --hopefully, it seems like we're just plugging the wrong holes at this point. The defense has been in shambles for a while now. Mexes is our best defender and as much as I appreciate his craziness, that's not something a team should be proud of. Galliani has been awful lately and there has been evidence that his stature isn't really accepted unanimously --remember when Barbara fired him and hired Maldini for a day before Silvio intervened?

Barbara seems to have a direction that she wants to follow but it is clearly at odds of the one that her father desires. Silvio seems stuck in delusion about how good the current Milan squad is and thus doesn't see the problems or need for urgency. So here we have a conflict of philosophy at even the highest levels of the club.

The management is bad, the team is playing awful and our manager is struggling. Who is to blame? That is up for personal decision but this team, from top to bottom needs to come in agreement on the best way to go forward and soon.