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Milan ultras: Fire Adriano Galliani

The ultras have released a statement putting the blame of the current situation on Galliani

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The frustration of the current campaign and the turbulent last few years seems like it's reaching its peak. While Pippo Inzaghi was thrown into a bad situation with the current squad, he has also displayed on numerous occasions that he doesn't seem to have much of a club on what is his best team or how to remedy problems. The squad itself is lacking talent, but compared to the teams above Milan in the table, it's not an excuse.

There's no chemistry, the performances seem to be getting worse, and worst of all, there doesn't seem to be an any intention of fixing blatant problems in the squad. Silvio has said on numerous times that he wouldn't trade this Milan squad for any teams. Whether he's being facetious or honest is due to perception but at times, it seems that management sees a different Milan than the one actually on the pitch.

Therefore, the Curva Sud  have released a statement today addressing the situation. It reads:

We read that it's the Last Chance Saloon for Pippo Inzaghi, who in reality is just yet another Coach who is given a low level squad presented as if it's the best side in the world.

The club put everything behind Inzaghi, albeit realising it was his first experience and for that precise reason should be helped, supported and defended from outside attack during difficult moments....

The architect of the team's construction is the general manager, who despite being forced to work within tight economic limitations, acts in the total absence of a project.

He pays huge wages for players of dubious value or even throws away the little transfer budget he's given on terrible buys like Matri (paid as much as Juventus got Tevez for), moves like Torres or other fake players presented to us as if they were champions.

We also do not understand the situation with Mexes, who first was frozen out, then brought back and even promoted to captain on occasion, given the chance to prove he's probably our best option in that role only after the others showed they are not up to the task.

The general manager spoke of a youth project to improve the squad, yet immediately sold Cristante and Petagna to bring in young foreigners who were paid much more and didn't get the best out of our youth academy.

At this point we ask the President to invest in Milan again, but also do what all good companies do and that is get rid of the person who is really responsible for this situation.

There are too many failures now and it is too obvious how the fans are moving away from Milan."

The statement goes on to make the same criticisms as the general population: of Silvio's posturing, Milan's incredible wage bill and the sadness that the Coppa is now our only chance at glory. It's a new age in Milan and no one is all too happy about it.

True to memory, the Curva have made statements like this before as well, especially ones that criticize Galliani. At the end of last season, they wrote:

Let us return for a moment to last Summer...A few days before the end of the market we explained our concerns and we suggested some ways to strengthen the team." the Ultras added, " We unveiled a banner which asked the directors to strengthen the midfield and defence and avoid the useless purchase of Matri.

Galliani's repsonse on TV was clear, the fans are not involved in the market and those who protest are only a minority.

To date the facts speak for themselves, Matri proved futile and was sold in January and even more unnecessary [bad] deals were made in defence and midfield."