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Another terrible loss: AC Milan falls to SS Lazio

Things are getting serious after falling to SS Lazio. The team keeps playing badly and it seems like there's no way to get better, surely not with nervous players on the field...

Philippe Mexes red carded for choking Stefano Mauri
Philippe Mexes red carded for choking Stefano Mauri
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

"Goal scored by Menez", that's the only good thing of the game for AC Milan because after Jeremy scored on a beautiful counter attack caused by a huge error by Dušan Basta - he literally SLEPT with the ball between his feet -  there was nothing. Two total shots, both on target, but the second one arrived late in the second half from Pazzini, who tried a tough conclusion covered by many defenders and then saved safely by Federico Marchetti.

The rest of the game was only about SS Lazio, a "one-team" show. They kept the ball well, found many holes in our defense and covered with attention and it was all combined with our mistakes and laziness. Not enough, the game was also very nervous, especially between Philippe Mexes and Stefano Mauri.

That costed a red card to Philippe Mexes who will be suspended for at least 3 games, making even worse the emergency among the defenders - De Sciglio, Zapata and Bonera are on the injury list and they cannot play the next games.

I'll give you even the Italian point of view of the AC Milan situation now. The front page of La Gazzetta dello Sport - the best sports newspaper we have in Italy - will be like this tomorrow morning:

It's a little play on words with the Italian horror movie by Dario Argento Deep Red (Profondo Rosso in Italian, but also known as The Hatchet Murders in other countries) that becomes Profondo RossoNero in the title of the newspaper and it means "Red&Blacks collapse". If you think that La Gazzetta dello Sport usually is a "friendly" newspaper to AC Milan that can only mean that this is a REAL collapse or something very similar.

The situation is really hot right now and there are rumors about Pippo Inzaghi getting fired and substituted - Luciano Spalletti is the hot name right now - but these are only rumors, nothing official at the moment.