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Official: Genoa loan Niang

From Montpellier to Genoa

Dino Panato/Getty Images

Genoa, who is two points ahead of Milan have officially announced the loan of M'Baye Niang:

Genoa announces that it has signed a deal with AC Milan for the temporary acquisition of the player M'Baye Niang for the remainder of the current season

So for a second straight season, the Frenchman will be on loan. He was rumored to be going to Newcastle earlier but it seems Genoa is the best option for Milan. He gets to play in the same league, though I'm not sure how intelligent it is to send help to our rivals in the chase for a European spot.

Niang's case is odd. The player obviously has talent, though it seems to come in spurts and  has struggled with the technical side of the game even though he's been at Milan since 2012. His loan at Montpellier seemed to have generally improved his game and he had scored four goals in 19 games; yet in the games that he has played this year, he'been painfully ineffective.

He doesn't particularly seem to fit into Pippo's system but that begs the question as to what Pippo's system is. This season has also seen what looks like the abandonment of the fabled youth policy with Saponara leaving the club while Essien and Muntari enjoy immunity.

Niang is still only 20 years old and might become a good player in the future but it looks more and more that will leave Milan permanently soon.