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"No More Excuses for AC Milan"-Pippo Inzaghi

Pippo has deemed that the blame should be on him for the recent form

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Seven points behind Napoli, who occupy the last Champions League spot, Milan have suffered yet another home defeat. Boos rained down on the legendary Inzaghi after a drab 1-0 loss to Atalanta and the manager has admitted that he realizes that he's under pressure.

Pippo said during his post-match conference that: "There can be no excuses...It's only right [that I am under scrutiny]. I accept my responsibility and will try to transform the whistles into applause."

He added: "I feel I have a lot of support from the club, I will carry on with the conviction, the ideas and the determination I have got. The team is following me and we just need to turn the corner quickly.

"After what happened last year, it would be important for us to get back into the best European competition. We need to have the maximum objectives. We're seven points behind third and we've got to keep fighting for it to the end."

Seven points behind Napoli is not all too dreadful given recent history with former managers, but the problem arises from the teams that we have lost to and in the manner which the losses have come. Milan, at the time, does not have a playing identity, nor do we have an identity in world football at the moment. The frustration adds when the manager seemingly doesn't know what he must do to get the team to play better, or, to play well at all.

There have been reports that even Silvio has become angered at the current form and this cannot be good news for Pippo. Though he is very much beloved by the owner, his time will be short if disagreements were to rise, as we all know.