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Zapata and De Sciglio Injured

The two defenders will be sidelined for a long time

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Milan have confirmed the worst feared for the Cristian Zapata and Mattia De Sciglio.

Both players were injured during the Sassuolo victory and while early reports were treating the injuries as minimal, it has now been revealed that De Sciglio has suffered a lesion to the plantar fascia of his right foot, while Zapata has fractured the second metatarsal in his right foot as well.

The timeline for both players returns is by late March. For Mattia, this is just another setback for the 22-year old who has seemingly suffered every injury imaginable to the lower body since making it to the first team. It's extremely disappointing as it does seem to affect his play and confidence, the fear is that these types of injuries will prohibit him from fulfilling his potential. He is still young though and there is hope that his body will grow more used to the game as he gets older.

Zapata's injury is the result of a bad tackle,so not much could be done to prevent moments like that. He's a defender and he shouldn't have to shy away from tackles.

AC Milan communicates that in the final minutes of Milan-Sassuolo, Cristian Zapata, following a challenge with another player, suffered a bone fracture at the base of the second metatarsal in his right foot.