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A First Match Win Bolsters the Hopes of AC Milan's Season

Amazing what a single win does for moral.

Pier Marco Tacca

Silvio Berlusconi is pleased with the direction of AC Milan, it seems a single win has bolstered the hopes of what was supposed a rebuilding season.  Now I am all for positive morale, but I am also a big patience guy and while I want to jump on the bandwagon it is a bit to early.  Maybe it is the passion that Filippo Inzaghi brings to the table or the talk from guys like Sulley Muntari saying the team is concentrated and humble.  They should be humble, this team has accomplished nothing.

Before I hop fully onboard there are few things I need to see: consistency in tactics and solidarity in defense.  Defensively this team is weak, in fact one of the weakest Milan defenses in history.  It is so weak that an average defender like Rami is considered pure gold and a declining Alex is a starter.  It is what it is and the emergence of Abate and DeSciglio as fullbacks both for Milan and Italy will make a big difference but the help in the spine is still needed.  Second is tactics.  The false nine was a great showing, but it will not work forever and the consideration of a 4-2-3-1 this week is awful.  Seedorf's undoing was not really his conceited nature or over bearing self belief.  It was his penchant for the 4-2-3-1 and his lack of recognition of the players he had and how the system wouldn't work.  Inzaghi seems smarter than that and as soon as he picks a derivative of the 4-3-3/4-3-1-2/4-3-2-1 the better the team will be and the sooner it will move forward.

The win was great, but the season is a marathon not a sprint.  I am nowhere near convinced but I can be made a believer!