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Tactics Tuesday: Consistency Needed

I really can't fault Filippo Inzaghi here as the personnel isn't helping in his decision making but the formation and tactics changes are not helping.

Gabriele Maltinti

Against Juventus, for me, it was tactics.  Inzaghi was simply outdone tactically, the false nine and the outnumbered midfield was never going to overcome the Juventus juggernaut.  The problem is the tactics seem to be a day late and a buck short, while I can appreciate the evolution and willingness to progress the team to a successful formation the lack of consistency in all facets of the game is making things difficult.

First and foremost, it would be relatively easy if Filippo Inzaghi could down the roster and pick from a stage of at least above average players.  Instead he looks down to see his highest Philipe Mexes is useless.  His highest goal scorer is a bit of a challenge to position and his midfielders are more of the attack variety then the holding variety.  It's a challenge, and something I find puzzling that any Coach at any level shouldn't have to endure, PERIOD.  How can any craftsmen, veteran or green, not be given the tools to do his job the way he wants to.  A hobby of mine is to build custom bicycles for people I work with, but the desire is not enough, it requires the tools.  The proper stand, wrenches and hex keys.  How can Pippo have the desire to play 4-3-3 and not be given the tools to do so successfully!?  This is beyond me and problem that has plagued Milan for years and won't be solved to today.

The more I contemplate the Milan conundrum the more I lean towards the 4-3-2-1 as way to use the top heavy roster, clog the midfield a bit more, and protect the mess that is the CBs!  The problem is the meddling from Silvio Berlusconi has already started and you can here the desire for more than one striker with the reality being the supporting cast is better suited for a different formations.  The return of Ricardo Montolivo will further this point but for now there needs to be a change that is stuck with.

The 4-3-3 normal (no false nine) seemed to work, so stick with it!  The 4-2-3-1 didn't work last season and this same cast of characters won't pull it off now.  There needs to be some consistency and it will start with the choice of formation...