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Cesena 1 Milan 1

This weak of a defense can't be sustained, but the lack of midfield isn't helping.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press

It started brightly enough, with Filippo Inzaghi doing his best Clarence Seedorf impersonation deploying a 4-2-3-1.  This 4-2-3-1 was drastically different as it was the single most narrow formation I have ever seen!?  Instead of a Honda and Menez providing width, they were all bunched centrally with Giacomo Bonaventura.  The only ounce of width came from Ignazio Abate who was dangerous each and every time forward.  The only problem, was the 4-2-3-1 left a crater behind him him and defense and Cesena, while only mustering two shots on goal, looked capable of scoring on every opportunity forward.

The problem with a 4-2-3-1 this narrow in attack is that you are literally stuck defending with two holding midfielders and two center backs, against a team that was playing a wide midfield it was a poor proposition from the outset.  An opponent would more technical skill would have thrashed this Milan team on this day.  In attack it looked as they could score at will, but the poor choices, such as the extra dribble or the insistence to cross instead hold possession meant that Cesena's solid organization was their saving grace.  The Cesena goal was a poor on Abbiati to not hold onto the ball and he will surely shoulder the blame, but to have that many players running at goal and nobody stop the ball is abysmal.  The fact that Rami and Zapata are the best option show you how bad off this team really is in defense.  Zapata then decide to make things even more interesting in the 73rd minute by getting sent off after a poor challenge.  Milan dug in but after that the point was all that could be mustered.

Another performance in which the team had to come back from a goal down.  Another performance in which the defense disappointed.  Another performance in which the attack simply couldn't find the winner.  It is these types of inconsistencies that will define this season for AC Milan, when they are on they seem formidable, when they are not it appears a struggle in every facet of the match.