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Matchday V: Cesena v Milan

Will Torres get his second? Will Abate continue to improve? Can Milan earn a point?

Gabriele Maltinti

7 points out of 12.  One though is that this is a great result, a team with no expectation and left for dead two wins, a draw and a loss.  The problem comes based on where your expectation lies, for me this is A-OK, but if a draw against Empolli and a result against Juventus were something expected then this is disappointing.

There have been positives this season.  Abate is playing out of his mind and as soon as Pippo makes him Captain, the faster this team can moves forward with a real leader who has grown in the colors.  The attack is functioning well, even if the defense is not and the team is showing a confidence and tenacity we haven't seen since the sale of the Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva.

Sunday presents a winnable match, but then again, so was the one against Empoli.  This is a season to take nothing for granted and every match should be treated with caution.  My probably lineup:

Abbiati; Abate, Rami, Zapata, DeSciglio, Bonaventura, NDJ, Muntari; Honda, Torres, SES

The Abate/DeSciglio combo is everything I expected and more.  I would really like to start seeing Albertazzi at CB because the rest have been relatively average.  The midfield still lacks balance and while Bonaventura and Poli alongside NDJ would be great for attack it is suicide for balance.  Lack of better option will continue to keep Muntari in the starting lineup regardless of what anyone thinks of him.  When he scores, already with one goal on the season, it seems to quite the masses for a moment, maybe he can quite them again this Sunday.