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"PSG is only for foreigners": Jeremy Menez takes parting shots at former club

The French international has some harsh words for his former club

Marco Luzzani

Jeremy Menez, scorer of beautiful back-heel goals, has become a revelation at Milan after his summer move from PSG. His energy, ability and vision has helped Milan to a healthy start to the league --recently losing the unbeaten streak to Juventus after a spirited match-- and he has scored some very crucial goals while performing above expectations so far. So far, the French international seems to be enjoying life after returning to Italy, though this does not mean that he's still not bitter about the manner of his exit from the French capital club.

Speaking to France Football, Menez was frank about his time there, even suggesting that certain players, like Lucas, are only playing because of their foreign nationality:

"PSG bought me for €8m from AS Roma in the summer of 2011. I did well in the first two seasons, less in the last one, but I was still decisive. Statistically, I am ahead of quite a few (PSG) players. I also marked the club's history with my goal against Lyon which confirmed the Ligue 1 title in 2013. Compared with certain others, if we look at price-quality statistics, I wasn't bad no? Lucas, he has been there for two years, and he has scored 3 goals. But he cost €40m more. And he is Brazilian..."

He then goes assert that the reason for his leaving of the club may not have been solely a footballing decision:

"Today, it is perhaps better to be a foreigner at PSG... Me, I am French and a Parisian. I don't have Twitter, or Instagram where I can send messages or pretty photos. I do not make films for social networks. I do not say: "Long live Paris! Long live Paris!" in order to make myself liked. I am not like that. But that does not mean that I do not love my club, far from it. Simply, I'm not fake! A lot of players publicise themselves like that in order to be appreciate. I needed to find football again, to feel good. I need to measure myself against an even competition."

Regardless, it seems that the attacking midfielder has found life at Milan to his liking and has seemingly found his football again. This year, PSG's loss --whether justified or not-- is Milan's gain and Menez has added a much needed creative and inventive spark, helping to take the pressure off El Shaarawy and Honda while scoring mouth watering goals. The hope is that his scintillating form continues and he can use his Paris exit and impetus to prove his real worth, propelling Milan back into Europe as he does so.