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Empoli 2 Milan 2

Torres opened his account, but the cliche is alive and well.

Gabriele Maltinti

With proper planning the midweek game is a true treat.  Maybe a doctor's appointment, a work from home, or a LONG lunch means home, a beer and AC Milan!  I didn't have such luck today...

When I finally did get to watch the replay of a live stream it felt like sort of an out of body experience.  Milan started poorly, conceding two goals, making it eight on the season.  It simply seemed like the team came out of the gate sputtering, tired and slow.  The organization and shape from the weekend were gone, replaced with sluggish play and poor positioning.  VanGinkel was given the start only to make way for Giacomo Bonaventura due to injury.  With the substitution came a tactical change to what looked like at times a 4-2-1-3 and Milan started to push in attack and open the match.

It was with this run of play that Fernando Torres scored his first AC Milan goal, to bring the game back to 2-1.  The problem was Empoli had numerous chances and while the fullbacks continue to improve and progress it was a difficult day for Daniele Bonera.  Kiesuke Honda equalized in the 58th minute, but the real chance to win came in went in the 68th minute with Torres setting up Jeremy Menez only to hit the post.

Empoli finished the match with ten men, but arguably Bonera could have been sent off as well as this match had a touch of Provincial snappiness late on.  It really is a disappointing result considering it was a winnable match but the start put the game out of reach.  One could argue the fight to peg it back 2-2 is the real positive to focus on but following a lost to Juventus the tone and tempo should have been intense from the outset.