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Milan 0 Juventus 1

The Beer Induced Recap...brought to you by Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Marco Luzzani

If you live in the Northeast of the States you know what Octoberfest, you can't drink it before Labor Day even though they stock it on the shelves and just when you have a few pints of it they replace it some with some nonsense winter ale.  My goal today, drink a many few of these and enjoy AC Milan.  I got one part right...

- In the 70th minute Max Allegri brought on Arturo Vidal.  When he was at Milan in the 70th minute he looked down the bench and brought on Flamini.  The grass is much greener.

-Carlos Tevez took a pacifier out of his shorts today after his goal and put it in his mouth.  He didn't score in the first fifteen minutes, and if you assume he took it out and rinsed it off at half time, it was still pretty well marinated by the time he scored, yet there he is.  If anyone has played football for ninety minutes before, this should horrify you, it horrified me.

-Speaking on Tevez for a moment, imagine if the tables had turned a few seasons ago.  Had Pato not been a tosser, Tevez would have been playing for AC Milan, Milan would have won their second consecutive Scudetto, Zlatan and Silva would still be here and this season would probably be one for CL contention.  Thank you Pato.

-Milan need desperate help in midfield, to read tweets about bringing on VanGinkel in a match like this one shows how desperately bad this midfield situation really is.  I wouldn't have brought on VanGinkel if I was playing with the house's money.

-Abbiati's still got it.

-This team doesn't know how to defend still, even with nine men in the box, NINE, I just watched again, they couldn't track Tevez's run.

-For a long a while Milan was trouncing Provincial teams and losing big games, I wonder what is going to be said now that the Coach has changed, expectations have lowered and the team is progressing.

-Juventus have not conceded a goal since April 28, that goal scorer was Simone Zaza.

I am not at all sour on the loss, I didn't expect to win today, but when the team shows resolve and hard work for 45 minutes and completely losses the plot in the second half I think it is OK to be frustrated a bit.  I am going to go sober up now because I am in a bit of a quandary...when I went into the fridge I noticed I am out of beer, now I know how Pippo felt when looked down the bench and tried to sub a midfielder!