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2014 Summer Transfer Window Closed for AC Milan

Looks like the transfer window wasn't without its oddities, par for the course at AC Milan.

Claudio Villa

Today sort of reminded me of the David Suazo nightmare a few years back.  Milan had secured the striker's services from Cagliari, announced on the website and then suddenly he had signed for Inter.  On that day a learned a few things, Suazo was a douche and that no deal is done until the guy is on the pitch.  Today we can add to that wall of shame.

Jonathan Bibiany, the pacer winger from France, was all but secured from Parma with Cristian Zaccardo going back to wence he came.  Academic really, that is until Zaccardo couldn't agree to terms with his old-new employer!?  I mean really?  You can't make this stuff up!  Here is a guy who was getting paid a lot of money to do nothing and was not willing to go play football again, and this is the problem with footballers today.  While I wasn't sold on Bibiany, one enigmatic French winger is enough for any team and Milan could have had two.  You have to really scratch your head about Zaccardo and feel for a kid who one minute was holding a Milan kit and the next minute had to back to face Roberto Donandoni and his teammates. No hard feelings right?

In the aftermath Milan clunked down a few million for Giacoma Bonaventura from Atalanta FC.  Jack as they call him can play CAM or either wing and at 25 has a few good years ahead of him.  A  talented player he was on the radar of a few Club's and while he has blossomed a bit later than expected has the potential to be a great player.  Speaking of potential, one who supposedly had some was Bryan Cristante.  The youngster supposedly preferred to go to Benfica and start then fight for a place at Milan.  This to me was odd and when both Inzaghi and Galliani came out and said the boy wanted to leave you have to wonder.  Is it that bad at Milanello or maybe the hype wasn't real.  When offered a loan, the player said he preferred to be sold and with that another youngster without any real substance gone before our eyes.  Is he the next Darmian or the next Vuidez, only time will tell.

One youngster who didn't leave was Niang, to bad really.  The striker could have been part of the worst finishing trio in history: Torres, Robinho, and Niang.  Alas, Robinho did finally find the exist this transfer window so now Torres and Niang can play the exact opposite of the cross bar game we played as kids.  Either Pippo sees something in him or nobody else sees anything in him!  Probably the latter as nobody wanted the kid and he really isn't that good.  As for the rest of Milan's deadweight, it's still around but hey, baby steps right.

Onto January for more sales and madness...