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Matchday II: Parma 4 Milan 5

Do you praise goals and debuts or slander the defense!? There were definitely moments to cheer but...

Marco Luzzani

It started early,, with a bang, on the debut goal of Giacomo Bonaventura.  It ended with a shambolic back pass that rendered Diego Lopez injured and Mattia DeSciglio with his first Milan goal, an own goal!?  It's probably not right to start from the end of the match, but the problem is when you concede four goals, even if you win, there will be questions.

To be clear Milan started this match very well and very organized.  Where that composure went as the match wore on was a question that even as i watch phases again I can't answer.  Defensively the Abate and DeSciglio fullback simply works, i have said it and I will continue to say it.  To boot Ignazio Abate silences his critics with not one but two assists from a cross.  The issue was in fact at CB where Daniele Bonera decided to pull a Mexes and Alex looked like he had rocks in pockets he was slow.

More worrying than the defense thought was the midfield of Andrea Poli, Nigel DeJong and Sulley Muntari struggling to keep the balance and allowing a tremendous of space to Parma in and around the 25 yard mark.  Even when the midfield tracked back and organized it was like they did so to fill a player quote instead of actually engaging attacking player. Puzzling to say the least and a very worrying trend as team's like next week's opponents, Juventus, will not be so forgiving.  Truth be told, Parma did everything it could, and worked their tail's off and never gave up but Milan made it clear they were going to win this game by scoring in bunches.

Five total in fact!? Bonaventura, Honda, Menez, DeJong and Menez; with the last being an incredible back heel.  This team has proven it can score, and not just with one player.  While I really bummed out on defense, this ability to move the ball around and keep everyone dangerous is a fantastic trait of this new Milan, but I would trait a bit for some balance. The goals; however, were spectacular and very well worked.  The two Abate crosses were great and the early goal from Bonaventura was well done as well.  The team is playing cohesively and for each other but there is still learning that needs to happen.

Two for two is about all we can ask for and while next week will be the true test enjoy this one and we can dig a deeper later in the week.