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AC Milan Transfer News and Rumors

Addition by subtraction

Valerio Pennicino

This week's news round up from what has been a relatively boring transfer season!

-Trabzonspor have confirmed the signing of Kevin Constant, while this means AC Milan shed some dead weight, it also leaves the squad relatively thin at left back.  Now I was always sort of neutral on Constant, never was going to be a great LB and his last match against Barcelona proved that but I always found him a relatively useful squad player like Emanuelson.  Now they are both gone.

-Robinho looks close to Santos, once a fourteen goal scorer, his season after that where he simply couldn't finish sealed his fate for many of us.  Never guilty of the sulking and sideshow he was in the past, he just simply forgot how to finish.  Sad really as he can be busy and dangerous but his wages simply don't warrant that.  He flourished under Allegri, but never was able to replicate that success.

-In the span of 3 hours we were linked to Mattia Perin and Diego Lopez.  Perin sets you up for life and with the addition of swapping him for cash plus Niang, means we can dump some more dead weight.  Lopez remains under contract at Real Madrid and that move is also unlikely.  While I think we can benefit from a young keeper like Perin, other positions need help more.

-Oddly, the team has yet to commit to the Abate RB and DeSciglio LB scenario, which means they are still hunting the bargain bin for something.  The latest name is Pablo Armero, but the player and Udinese have come out and said there has been no contact.  While depth at the fullback is a real need, not sure what Milan's plan is here.