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The Prospects of a Difficult 2014-2015 Season for AC Milan

Why this year's potentially disastrous season doesn't bother me one bit.

Claudio Villa

As I peruse the inter-webs of both Serie A and the English Premier League you can see the seeds of hope sprouting across the blog posts.  Arsenal fans think this is the most talented team they have had in five years and a trophy is in the future.  Manchester United think the arrival of Luis Van Gaal is the second coming of Chris,t or in their case Sir Alex Ferguson.  In Italy, Fiorentina and Napoli have renewed prospects with players coming back healthy.  Inter are feeling they are capable of a taking a step forward while Roma think this is their year.  As for Milan, well for the first time in a long time I can safely say I have no hope! Let's stop for a moment and take a look at the word hope:

Hope: to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true

I actually hate that word, an in reality is sort of fitting for this Club at the moment. Hope is the drivel out of Barbara's mouth, it is the empty promises out of Galliani's transfer dealings.  The problem with hope is it is merely to want or think that something can happen.  It lacks action, it lacks conviction, so to say I have no hope is only piling on to the massive turd that is AC Milan at the moment.  Forget hope, this team is beyond hope, this team needs action!

Now real action isn't something that can be taken instantly, and I guess Filippo Inzaghi will have to take some short term actions to get this team pointed in the right direction again but real action needs a plan and to be calculated to assure the best possible result of the effort.  Milan's management are not the only ones who need to take action, we as fans need to do as well.  I saw a tweet yesterday saying that Milan fans should boycott, this is not the right action, in fact a few Stateside fans abstaining from watching a match on three hour tape delay on bEIN Sport (the WORST sports network on TV) is the most useless action could take.  This team requires a bit stronger action than that, it requires support.

In Saturday's post I said that Mario Balotelli was not the right player for this AC Milan. This team doesn't need a temperamental star who sulks and whines.  It needs players willing to pick up the shovel, roll up their sleeves and get this team back to where it once it deserves to be.  Notice, I said deserves, because nothing is taken for granted or expected, what Milan did in the past is History.  They have no right to the Champion's League because they have won seven of them, they have no right to a Scudetto, everything must be earned.  So as fans we too need to pick up the shovel.  Inevitably many of you will disappear, it is only natural.  Humans tend to gravitate to the path of least resistance or where the grass appears greener.  The reality it is difficulty that teams and fans are made.

My path was AC Milan was paved with silverware, it was easy.  What made me the a true supporter was not 1990-1994, it was 1996-1999!  It was the poor performances and the mediocre players.  I have said it before and will say it again, I don't like these players, I don't feel much for them. Maybe Abate or SES I can get behind, but it isn't about them it is about me and the Red and Black.  So feel free to bitch and complain about the current plight, but enjoy it too.  Embrace it, appreciate the pain it brings because it makes you that much stronger.  As a cyclist I seek and climb immense hills not because I enjoy it, because it makes me stronger.  Think of this season as a mountain, a climb that you endure not enjoy, and you will too will feel strangely fine.