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AC Milan 2014 Transfer News

What will AC Milan do with the remaining days of the transfer window?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

What Milan should do in the next few weeks versus what Milan will do in the next few weeks are two diametrically opposed realities.  Flush with cash from the Mario Balotelli sale to Liverpool, Adriano Galliani has both money and some time to make a few moves.  Let's forget for a second that Mario has been in talks with Pool for three months and that Arsenal were just as close if not closer for more even more money.  The reality is this team need's help and it doesn't appear Galliani is ready to make that help happen.

So what Milan should do...BUY THREE PLAYERS...

Now this list isn't meant to wow nor is it meant to sell kits, it is a simple list that will provide depth where it is needed and bridge this team forward in the rebuilding process it so desperately needs.  Yes, I understand this list is fully Italian but to do this otherwise is a fool's game, Milan's best periods have been built on a foundation of good Italian players with complimentary foreigners.  Call me a racist, a nationalist, heck I don't care what you call me but the TRUTH is the TRUTH.

The list is:

Domenico Berardi: Yes, I get that at 10-15M he is a bit rich for Milan's cheap ass blood, but he can do a lot of things in attack and can be a great compliment to Stephan El Sharaawy.  If Filippo Inzaghi truly wants to play 4-3-3 let's start making that change with personnel, not by just talking about it.

Salvatore Bocchetti: Valued at 14M, a bit high in my opinion, he is the perfect age for a CB.  Have done well at Spartak Moscow his ability to play LB as well makes him a double bonus.  Perfect partner for a guy like Alex and while missed out on Astori they can get a guy much like him.

Marco Parolo:  A 29 year old utterly simple midfielder who calm a game.  More importantly he provides depth and while he isn't the box to box this team needs, he can hold and bring balance to a team devoid of it.  He can probably be had for cheap.

All and all my list get's you cover in all three lines and keeps Milan from breaking the bank and gets you time on the age scale as well.  This won't happen, I find it to be to rational and sensible...

Now what Milan will do...

Loan Fernando Torres and get Samuel Eto off the unemployment line.  Two moves that would have made sense five years ago now continue on the bargain basement thrift shopping.  Apart from the fact that this team actually has strikers and can probably live without adding another one.  Simple, stupid math, says we sold a striker we need to buy two!?  While the midfield and defense continues to suffer. To round out the market Galliani will probably buy Petr Cech from Chelsea as well lightening Jose Mourinho's wage load in it's entirety.

The saga continues...