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He's Going!

Buy Buy Bye Bye Mario!

Justin K. Aller

Apparently in arriving at the training ground this morning, Balotelli commented: "This will be my last day at Milanello." pretty much confirming the rumours we have been hearing recently along with the sudden the uptick after Fester's reduction of 00.01% chance of Mario staying with GDS and Sky Sport 24 reporting meanwhile that LOLerpool have agreed a fee with Milan the thing to look out for is that good old Raiola will be meeting LOLerpool this afternoon so look out for an announcement soon!

Obviously this means we will be a striker down but in the background there have been rumours of course of Douglas I-wont play-in-a-war-zone Costa and more recently Jackson "Boy can he dance" Martinez joining the fray and no doubt we will come back to these guys once we have something more concrete.

I have to say that I am disappointed that he is going as I can still recall how excited I was when he joined and still fondly remember him jumping with the Ultras along with Fester outside Gianninos soon after he signed. I will always remember that he hit the ground running and was a beast for the 2nd half of the season that he joined and appeared to have finally "come home" but the thing is and the main driver for offloading him is that Milan is currently in a jam, we simply cant afford to carry any player that isnt 100% committed to the cause and neither can we afford to have a player prone to inconsistency & selfishness when we will be trying to claw our place back as one of the top 3 teams in Italy.

As much as people pinned the failures of last season on Allegri & Seedorf being clueless don't forget the guy meant to be carrying the team was Mario and when we needed him most he failed to turn up, its a pity because if we were Juve, Napoli or Roma we could still afford to keep him and give him the 2-3 seasons he needs to come good, looks like we will have to watch that from afar.

I'll miss Fanny so so so much! :(