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AC Milan 2014-2015 Season Preview: Goalkeepers

Will the battle for the #1 be a benefit or a distraction?

Claudio Villa

A good solid goalkeeper is a cornerstone of any good team.  While a great goalkeeper can tip a match in your favor a solid consistent goalkeeper can weather the storm of a long season.  While I for one didn't believe Abbiati needed competition and Milan were be better suited grooming a young keeper like Mattia Perin, it is no surprise management and their infinite wisdom went in a different direction.

Now we have a good old fashioned goalkeeper competition on our hands and while I think competition is great, it can be a distraction if behind the scenes promises were made.  Now if Diego Lopez was promised a starting a spot then that is one thing, I prefer the battle, but the fact that we are going to have two 30+ goalkeepers battling it out for what is going to be an average team is a bit shortsighted  This team will have growing pains and a young goalkeeper could have endured it that with the rest of the squad.  The problem is the young goalkeeper, Gabriel, lacks any fundamental skills at all and has shown zero progress over the course of two seasons.  Expect him to be loaned because he has no sale value.

With the battle between Lopez and Abbiati poised to begin the signing of Michael Agazzi is a peculiar one.  He actually is in fact a solid keeper, fundamentally sound with solid experience.  He was frozen out of Cagliari due to a contract disagreement but being on the wrong side of the 30 the whole goalkeeping trifecta makes absolutely no sense.  This is lack of sensibility and direction is now par for the course at AC Milan.

The winner of this year's position battle for me is the incumbent, Cristian Abbiati.  You can vote below...