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Rating AC Milan's 2014 Transfer Window

AC Milan's 2014 Transfer Campaign not exactly the stuff memories are made of...

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

This should sum up the 2014 Transfer of August 10, 2014...

Chievo Verona has spent 5.3M Euros

AC Milan has spent 4.3M Euros

Now I don't look at that number with much in terms of meaning.  Anyone can spend money, and I prefer a smart buy over an expensive, but the fact that a provincial Serie A team is slinging around more money than AC Milan is a bit worrying. In fact one can say this entire transfer campaign has been a big let down.

It was supposed to be a summer of rebuilding, shed some deadweight, and move forward with a new plan.  The problem is none of that really happened, with the biggest gap being the plan! Do we build around the team's youth?  El Sharaawy, Saponara, Cristante and Albertazzi?  Well no in fact, because Alex and Menez will probably rob time from both of those players.  Maybe the plan was balance out the squad and bolster the defense, nope that hasn't happened here.  In fact the biggest move of the summer has been a GK that people are praising, but the reality is his presence won't even move the needle of the success of this squad.  A GK is the "cherry on top" and this teams needs a bit more then that.

It's not all for naught and the silly season has a few more weeks.  Sure we sold some players and got rid of the mess that was Clarence Seedorf, but the sales only compounded the overly thin roster.  The simple fact is this team's management, be it out of funds Silvio, the out of touch Fester, or the talk to much Barbara, have their work cut out for them.  The real question is what that work is exactly and until someone is willing to define this team will continue to meander towards the 2014-2015 Serie A Season.