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Alex Song to AC Milan? Why this Move Needs to Happen!

Why the Alex Song is the best piece of transfer work AC Milan can do this summer!

Julian Finney

I am not going to make any false claims here and simply come right out and say it, I think Alex Song is a great player.  I think he was foolish to go to Barcelona and had he stayed or even returned to Arsenal he is/was the missing piece of the puzzle for Arsene Wenger's band of merry children.  He was never going to fit into roaming circus of tiki-taka dwarves from the Camp Nou.  He isn't elegant, he isn't delicate, he is a hammer.  The sort of hammer that every once and while bursts forward and makes you pay with a headed goal or a cracker of a shot.  The brass at Barcelona thought they needed a replacement for Yaya Toure when in reality they wanted to get away from that style entirely.  Now their loss can be Milan's gain.

For those that don't know or haven't been around here long enough, my good buddy Chad is an Arsenal fan.  We have waxed lyrical over many a drink about the merits of Alex Song and how a player like him can make a team better instantly.  He reads the game well, he holds the midfield and he offers a balance that few teams can do without.  Simply put this move needs to happen for AC Milan, and if you are going to play the 4-3-3 or the 4-3-1-2 he can slot into any role in the midfield and provide the grit and class needed to improve the position.  Imagine for a moment a midfield consistent of NDJ, Song and Poli?  How about if you want to get extra stout and you play Song and NDJ with Muntari.  Maybe you flank Monty with Song and NDJ!  It opens the door for options and tactical evolution.  Heck the guy is actually probably better at Centerback than most of our Centerbacks!

Fester, it's time you stop tarnishing what was a good record at AC Milan and make this deal happen right now.