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AC Milan's 2014-2015 Stateside Journey Comes to a Close

One more match at the International Champion's Cup

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

This trip has not been the stuff that seasons are built on.  Ideally this sort of trip helps solidify the group chemistry and allows for some comraderie.  This trip has instead showed glaring holes in the defense and issues with the team's spine and balance.  Yes, Nigel De Jong is missing but this team's problem extend beyond a CDM.  A poor goal differential as we all as general lack of cohesion in the attack and Filippo Inzaghi has his work cut out for him.  While the last day of the transfer season is still a few weeks off, it seems there is not enough time or money to correct the problems at AC Milan

So the with one match left, Milan can take one positive step forward or the madness will continue.  The real question is what needs to be done to right this ship?  It's a loaded question and one that I will gladly entertain some responses below.